Member Golf Events

The Colony Golf & Country Club offers a variety of golf events catered exclusively to Members.

November Member Golf Events
Men's Opening Day
Ladies Opening Golf Day
Couples Opening Day
9 Hole Couples Opening Golf
Men’s Bring-a-Friend-Day
Ladies Bring-a-Friend Day
Friday Couples Guest Day

December Golf Events
Open Play Shotgun

January Member Golf Events
Ladies Interclub
Men’s Jerry Pate Cup
Ladies Member-Member
Men’s Guest Day
Ladies Guest Day

February Member Golf Events
Men’s Member-Member
Men’s Community Cup
Ladies Member-Guest Invitational
Couples Invitational

March Member Golf Events
Men’s Invitational
Ladies Club Championship
Colony Cup
Couples Club Championship
Men’s Club Championship
Ladies Community Cup

April Member Golf Events
Colony Ryder Challenge
Men’s Individual Match Play
Paspalum Cup
Men’s Bring-a-Friend-Day
Ladies Bring-a-Friend Day
Men’s Closing Day
Ladies Closing Day
9-Hole Couples Closing Day
Couples Closing Day